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A Theme Of The Inclusion Of Everyone In Zootopia

Utopia is a world or state where everything is perfect. It is the place Zootopia wants you to imagine. Although Zootopia appears to be a place where all animals live together, this is not possible. Different species will have their own tensions. All animals aren’t treated equally in Zootopia. Zootopia is supposed not to have any crimes. Zootopia presents the idea that all people will be included in the utopia. This is however not the case.

Zootopia, a city that houses animals as humans, is called a “Zootopia”. At least, they seem to live in harmony at first. One smoothie-selling otter, for example, has smoothie-shoots that can be used to feed giraffes. Just like humans, animals are not always compatible. A Utopia is a place where everyone lives peacefully and in unity. The Utopia is where everyone lives in peace and unity. It will be different from Bunnyburrow which was a small town filled with stereotypes and where she was constantly called “dumb bunny”. Judy had hoped for equality. She is however not able to achieve this when she becomes an officer. Her chief examines her size and assigns her the lowest job, meter maid. She was valedictorian at her police academy class. Another example is the prejudice of the town towards foxes. Judy’s parents warned Judy about predators, particularly foxes. They also gave Judy an “antifox” care package. Fox repellant is also mentioned as a useful tool. Foxes can be considered dangerous animals that do terrible things. Foxes are subject to discrimination due to their ancestors. This is something they cannot control. A utopia must possess equality. Unfortunately, people will still have discrimination against others no matter what they do. Humans are imperfect. In a Utopian community, everyone is supposed feel safe, including animals. Threats should not be a concern for citizens. Zootopia is home to police officers, which Judy wanted because it’s what she was looking for. Zootopia may not be completely safe simply because there are officers. Night Howlers is a toxic flower used to keep bugs away from crops. This is a specific example of evil in Zootopia. Bellwether, an innocent sheep, plots to overthrow Zootopia’s predators by becoming the prey of their prey. Bellwether uses Night Howlers to make the animals go wild. Judy, a fox and Nick, her partner, try this tactic on 14 animals. She is arrested and exposed by them. Bellwether’s plan to harmonize with her animals shows that she didn’t live in harmony. Many people became afraid when these 14 animals turned savage. It is impossible to live in a completely safe world because people do things that are beyond our comprehension. Zootopia isn’t a utopia. It seems that every animal and species can be included. Utopias should be inclusive and allow people to co-exist with each other. Utopian cities must be safe and secure. These are not the cases in Zootopia. These will never be true in any other city on earth because a Utopia without Heaven is impossible. Zootopia portrays the idea that Zootopia can be considered a Utopia even though everyone is included.


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