Analysis Of Amy And Nick’s Use Of Persuasion In ‘Gone Girl’

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Identification of the characters in the movie

Nick Dunne

Amy Dunne

Characters use persuasion tactics and strategies

Amy employs persuasion strategies to achieve her goal.

Nick uses strategies and persuasion tactics to reach his goal.

Identification of the characters’ purposes

Nick Dunne’s goal

Amy Dunne’s goal

Evaluation of characters’ ethical behavior

In conclusion

Identification of the characters in the movie

Nick Dunne

A misunderstood individual or a psychotic murderer? Either an abusive husband or child? Nick Dunne is many different things throughout the film. After losing his job in the recession, he becomes a former writer and starts his own bar with Margo. Nick Dunne is a Missouri native who returns home to care for his sister Margo and their mentally unstable father. Nick is known for saying things in an impulsive manner at the wrong time, which can lead to him being misinterpreted during the investigation. Nicks relationships are crucial to the development of his character. Amy was funny and Nick fell for her initially. He loved her funny sense of humor and she made him laugh, and she shared his laughter along the way. As time went on, things started to change. She stopped laughing, became moody and lost her voice. Amy DunneFunny. Smart. And with a great personality. Amy Dunne, her mother’s popular book “Amazing Amy”, was inspired by her. Amy was raised to be the fictionalized version of her favorite character from the book, which set high standards for her since childhood. Amy is an unwavering perfectionist. She said that she can’t help but notice that Amy always does the right thing when I make mistakes. She would learn a variety of skills, such as French technique, Spanish fluency, gardening, and knitting. She was ‘Amazing Amy.’ All that said, Amy is a problem which can consume her marriage. She says that Nick did NOT fall in Love with me. Instead, he fell for a girl who didn’t exist. She was playing “Cool Girl”, an alternate ego of a cool girl, at the time she fell for Nick. Amy describes her as a beautiful, hot woman who enjoys eating fast food, watching football and drinking beer. This was done in order to win Nick over. Characters use persuasion strategies. Amy Elliott Dunne, who plays the lead role in the movie “Gone Girl”, uses many remarkable strategies and techniques to reach her goals. She is determined to end her miserable, horrible marriage. Nick, who she suspected was a murderer, has seen the script that she has created. She’s been carefully planning every detail in order to make Nick a murderer and kill his wife. Because Nick has taken her money, time, and heart, she wanted to retaliate. Amy also wanted to have a child to save her marriage. Nick declined because he wanted to end Amy’s marriage. Amy realized that Nick was planning to end Amy’s marriage. Amy used many horrifying strategies to convince people all around her and the world to support her goal. She has carefully planned the revenge plans for Nick in order to persuade people and win them over. Amy started a strategy of being close to the people she was living with, even though she didn’t live there for long. Amy was close to her neighborhood and told lies about the difficulties she had in marriage, the violence she experienced, and many other things. This is how Amy persuades her neighborhood to trust her and stand with her. Amy used another tactic to persuade her neighbors. She invited her pregnant neighbor and stole her neighbor’s urine. The neighbor then received a pre-pregnancy diagnosis by using Amy’s urine. Amy was not in fact pregnant but she did it to drive Nick mad. She had also used a pregnant friend of hers to conceal the pregnancy evidence. Here we see that Amy uses her pregnant neighborhood to persuade and help her reach her goals. Amy is thriving because of these strategies. Nick became suspicious that Amy was a murderer. Amy also used bloodstained her own blood to convince people to believe and trust her. Amy has used her blood to cover the house. After cleaning it, she then repeated the process several times until it became obvious that Nick was Amy’s murderer. This is how we see that Amy is trying to convince people that Nick killed Amy. Amy also bought products with Nick’s credit card, including a drone and robot dog. This further supports the evidence that Amy and Nick had lived a difficult lifestyle. In addition, she signed a form for Nick to increase her insurance so that Nick would be suspected of being a murderer. Strategies and persuasion tactics Nick uses to achieve his goal. Nick Dunne, another main character in “Gone Girl”, has used many strategies and persuasion tactics to reach his goals. His film aims to expose Amy Elliott Dunne his wife and get the truth. Because she created a false scenario about her death, Nick made him a murderer. Nick has tried many different strategies to convince people to help him achieve his goal. He used clues from Amy to convince others to help him follow his tracks. Each clue was written by mysterious poets that directed Nick to specific locations. Nick and Amy used the ‘treasure-hunt’ play to give each another anniversary gifts. This shows that Nick is trying expose Amy’s wife and force her to reveal her truth. Nick went to the location where Amy’s 5th anniversary gift had been placed after he discovered the last clue. Nick discovered that Amy, Nick’s wife had made it clear that he was a murderer after he found out the meaning and location of the 5th Anniversary gift. Nick met with a lawyer to get some advice on the problem. He decided to meet Amy’s exboyfriends. Nick learned that Amy’s ex-boyfriends were her plan and that everything was planned by her. After that, Nick knew Amy was still living and had to confront her about the crimes she had committed against them. Nick saw that Amy was a psychotic wife and that her ex-boyfriends had been her victims. He was convinced she was being a victim. In fact, Nick was eager to tell the world about his affair with his girl student and to show his side. Then, everything changed when Nick’s girlfriend revealed that he had cheated. Nick however came out to the TV talk-show and confronted his public perceptions about Amy. He used this strategy to appeal to Amy and ask her to come home to cry on the TV talk program. Public opinion has improved and Nick is now liked by the public. This shows that Nick is trying desperately to get Amy, Amy’s attention and make her tell the truth. The goals of Nick Dunne. It may look like Nick Dunne murdered Amy Dunne in the first film. She disappeared in very strange circumstances and Nick has been lying to police officers during the investigation. It turns out that Nick had an affair and was having an affair in the youth with his mistress. This is Andie, his student whom he is seen to be in love with at the time of Amy’s disappearance. Nick isn’t an honest man. He isn’t a murderer, however, his wife is making him one. Yes, his wife has plans to make him murder. Nick believes his wife has disappeared and sets out to find her. He may not want his wife back, but he does not want to lose her. He calls the police and they launch an extensive investigation to locate his wife Amy. In their quest to find Amy, they held press conferences, news releases, and posted posters. It is discovered that Nick is currently having an affair and is still having it with Andie during their search for Amy. This exposes Nick’s true nature, and shows Amy how unhappy he was in their marriage. Nick’s twin sibling discovers that he is having an affair and suffers a breakdown. Tanner Bolt is Nick’s attorney. He was concerned about what would happen to the matter if the media knew. They discuss the situation with Tanner and his sister. Nick finds Amy’s items in the woodshed of his sister, and he confesses to the crime. Knowing the truth of his wife’s missing status, Nick sets out to lure her away and expose her. Nick discovers Andie has confessed to Nick, but Nick is able to use sentimental words to lure her out live on television. Amy Dunne is the goal She won’t accept anything less than what she wants. She manages Nick’s affairs throughout their marriage, but it is not at an uncontrolled pace. It was Nick’s affair with Andie that set her up to try and frame him for murder. Her affair with Andie would have been discovered by her, and she wouldn’t be able to plan on framing him. After being dragged from New York to Missouri, it was the last straw. According to her, just getting divorced from him is not enough. She stated, “Nick has to be taught an important lesson.” He has never been taught any lesson.” That moment was decisive. Her motive is to accuse her husband of murder. Amy knew that Amy’s plan was not going unfulfilled. She put in a full year. After carefully assembling the pieces, including convincing her partner that she fears blood, saving her money and writing a detailed diary about her life before Nick married her. She is contemplating suicide to save Nick’s life. Her nature is so intense that she will do anything to get her way. Blackmailing, murder and convincing people to give her their consent are just some of the ways she does this. Evaluation of the characters’ ethical behavior. Amy Dunne, according to me, was not ethical in this entire movie. She lied about her husband’s abuse and used her money to manipulate thousands of people. Based on what I’ve seen, here are some examples of her manipulating people to believe her. She manipulates her husband, lies and cheats in the movie. Amy, who is a manipulator and cheater to her husband, purchases many expensive electronics. In addition to that, she also convinced her neighbour that she was actually pregnant. Later, she invites her neighbour over to her house and makes her drink lots of juice to get to the bathroom. Amy then drains her toilet bowl to steal her urine in order to make her pregnant. Amy told all the lies to manipulate her neighbour. He came out to give a speech about his wife’s disappearance and Amy made sure that the neighbour was there. Amy then asked Amy to go to the toilet, where Amy had drained the toilet bowl so she could steal her urine to fake her pregnancy. Desi Collings was the last and most manipulative, lying and cheating person. Desi Collings was Amy’s ex-boyfriend. She became obsessed with her and used her emotions and sympathy to get away at him. He promised to keep her safe. Amy was broke and had no money. She was desperate to escape and hide from him. He was home with cameras so she took advantage of it. He was able to see her body language and her sex appeal. She then drags herself up to the camera, starts crying, and acts like she was raped. Amy used the same persuasion tactics to get him to have sex. However, Amy had a plan and kept the box cutter under her pillow. She convinced him and brought him to her bed. She took the box cutter and cut his throat while they were having sex. When she got home, the investigator began to question her about her story. While the investigator tried to get more information out of her, she stated that she was unable to talk and felt unwell. Later, the investigator stopped by the head of precinct and said to Amy that she could go. Amy used sympathy to trick the precinct into giving up on her questions. Amy blackmails Nick after the movie ends to get him to stay with her and not divorce her. Amy threatens him, saying that if Nick files for divorce, she will make America hate him. She then goes on to tell him how people will look at him if he divorces his wife after the traumatic experiences she had while having his child. Nick was afraid that he might lose his job and not be able to live with another woman, so he chose to stay with Amy. Amy Dunne’s behavior in the movie was quite unethical, but Nick Dunne (her spouse) is also to blame. Amy Dunne and Nick Dunne were a great couple. However, Nick didn’t even talk to Amy about it after Nick’s mother died. He was selfish, uncaring, and unethical. Nick also cheated in secret with Amy, a younger girl he had met. He lied to Amy, saying that he had a meeting at work and needed to leave. However, he then went out with his younger girlfriend. Nick lied to her and tricked him into believing he had an important business meeting. Nick had a twin brother named Go. She was his support throughout the movie and stood by him when he was found guilty. Nick stayed with Go until the investigation was over. Go confronted Nick and asked him to confess to his guilt. He said he did not do anything wrong and that he would not tell anyone. Go later learned that Nick’s affairs had taken place at Go’s home and made a lot of mad comments. Nick lied directly about Go’s help and promises that she would never say anything. This was a very stupid and unethical act by Nick. Nick not only lied about his sister, but also to Detective Rhonda who is the investigator. Nick was searching for clues in Nick’s Scavenger Hunt. Nick told Detective Rhonda that he didn’t know where to find the second clue. However, he did go to the location that contained the third clue that night. Detective Rhonda caught Nick and had him lie to her again. He said that he was visiting his father to find out about his father. Conclusion. Amy & Nick were able to persuade but only for their own selfish and unethical purposes. The movie uses persuasion to tell their story. I also learn, understand and then relate what I’ve learned to it.


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