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Comparative Analysis Of The Book The Great Gatsby And Its Movie Adaptation

F. Scoot Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby was the first to portray the American dream. The 2013 adaptation of Great Gatsby is a major distortion of the story’s meaning in three aspects: the narration atmosphere, character development and the unique storyline. Both the novel and movie were told from Nick’s perspective. The movie however portrays Nick entirely differently to the novel. A description of Nick’s interactions with Jordan could lead readers to believe that Nick is traditional and conservative. The movie, however, provides extensive factual information on Nick. He enjoys partying and is not disciplined. The objective summary of the movie also challenges Nick’s impression, making the entire story more important and less valuable. The movie also cuts out Nick’s intimate relationship with Jordan, which makes it difficult to see how the film portrays this character. The novel’s tone is described as both critical and sympathetic. The story is about how Americans’ dreams are quickly destroyed in everyday life. It can be used as the main idea for other plots. The movie was nevertheless considered irresponsible in expressing criticism of America’s dream. These scenes are more likely to make the movie’s main theme ambiguous. The producer could explain why they exaggerated American dreams. They did this intentionally to get more viewers and increase box-offices. Although the movie’s plot is very similar, we are unable to see how the movie’s setting differs from its story. Gatsby, who is seen as the ideal American dream model, is killed at the ending. This opens up the conversation about the entanglement and possibility of realizing the American dream. The movie does not directly reference the book, so it cannot take us into deep conversations with the author. From my personal perspective, both film and novel depict the dark side capitalism, particularly tom Buchanan. His characteristic is described as being condescending and serious. Both the movie and the novel attempt to highlight this point in order to help Americans achieve their American dream. The American dream is often described as the cliched and commonly quoted saying that anyone can succeed if they work hard enough. People will either let the miscue engulf them and be unable or unwilling to move past it. Or they will become completely obstinate and lose their ability to see clearly, which can limit their success in the future.


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